Who we are

At Green Software Solutions, we have worked at many large and medium size companies. We have extensive experience of business processes and corporate IT. And we have developed the capability to identify areas that can be effectively addressed via pragmatic solutions.  

Very often we noticed common inefficiency patterns in different companies. Which is, for many reasons, not surprising of course. And also unsurprisingly, we noticed that one company solution can be as effective for another company.


Most of the solutions targeting the corporate world tend to be complex, expensive and require months, if not years, to deploy.

As a result, companies tend to take a long time evaluating the various alternatives. The risks of selecting the wrong solution may end up being very, very expensive.  And so, many times, the cost benefit analysis does not result in an appealing business case.

These days, business cycles have been substantially reduced. Companies emerge, thrive and mature in periods measured in months rather than years.  We think that things should be different now. They must be.


We believe that IT solutions should be easy and quick to deploy and inexpensive to both acquire and operate. And with reduced time and cost investment the risks can also be dramatically reduced.

Your company should be able to adopt a product and immediately see the improvements in cost and efficiency. And if the business drivers change, we need to be able to respond immediately.

Our solutions are specifically designed so that we don’t waste resources and time in doing things that do not provide high value. We target what is usually referred to as “low hanging fruit”. Many internal corporate business processes are usually examples of these.


In your company, how many business processes are supported by paper-based forms? If you answered “not many”, and your business processes are streamlined and efficient, then thank you for visiting! At this stage you better use your valuable time addressing other issues.

However, if you answered “many”, or if your current business processes take too long, keep reading. We really may be able to help, and at the same time we can help the environment (there is a reason we are called Green Software Solutions)

We have developed a product that can really make a difference for your business processes and workflows. Those same ones that people in your company keep complaining about being too cumbersome and inefficient.


GreenForms is a lightweight yet powerful tool that will improve your processes. Whether you need to get the necessary approvals for your project’s capital expenses, or just organise for someone to come and fix that broken chair. Or anything in between.

And really, no more having to print a form, fill it in and sign it, scan it and email it to your manager to approve, who then will send it to someone else to process it (who may have just gone on a few days leave and will attend to it when they return, only to inform you that you made a mistake when filling in your form).

And save on those printer consumables. And those trees.


 Select the form you need, fill it up and submit it. Trace it all the way through the defined workflow steps.


Implement new forms in a few minutes. Or change an existing form or workflow as required. From simple one step process, to complex workflow rules requiring multiple approvals.

Auditable and Secure

 Find out who and when approved or processed it. When you need it. And only who needs to see it will see it.

Let us show you the potential business impact in process improvement and cost benefits, as well as the potential effects on the environment that may be achieved by adopting

Contact us now and start saving the environment, paper, time and money

Melbourne, Australia